In the old system, the yearbook subscription and releasing of solicitation both take place which makes it more complex processes that leads to longer queuing, and slow down the line significantly. However, long lines have gone from being simply incorporating a transition from a conventional way. Subscribers can now grab a copy of the solicitation forms by setting an appointment to the VINTA website which, in turn, can be done in a given time frame.

     The solicitation forms released by the VINTA aided the subscribers to pay the Php 3,000.00 yearbook fee. This is not mandatory to all subscribers. Subscribers are given two (2) options on how to pay the yearbook fee, Php 3,000.00, either by personal payment or through the use of solicitation forms. If the subscriber opts to use the solicitation forms to pay the yearbook fee, the subscriber will be given ten (10) solicitation forms. The solicitations with the corresponding amounts are Php 300.00 for Patrons and Php 350.00 for Benefactors.

  As mentioned, subscribers must set an appointment before claiming the solicitation forms which the date and place will be announced during the orientation or on the official Facebook page of the VINTA Yearbook. Take note, walk-in subscribers would not be entertained.

  For the returning of solicitation forms, all solicitation forms that were released whether they are used or unused, must be submitted and uploaded on or before the said deadline. To understand better, here are the simple steps on how to return the solicitation forms.


    If the subscriber opts to have a solicitation form to pay the yearbook fee, the requirements must be submitted on or before the deadline, otherwise, the subscriber’s profile and list of sponsors/advertisers will not be reflected in the yearbook. Also, solicitation forms will be considered lost when the subscriber fails to submit the solicitation form links prior to the said deadline. Do not forget to like and follow our official Facebook page for more updates and announcements.

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     Click Create New Benefactor/Patron, note that the number of names that can be listed will depend on the amount and number of solicitation forms used. Type the Name of the Benefactor/Patron along with the control number of their solicitation form. Vinta holds no responsibility for misspelled names.

     Take a photo or scan of EACH of the solicitation forms. Observe proper lighting for readability and upload it to Google drive.

     Subscriber must rename the folder with the format given “*ID Number*_*Last Name*_ *First Name*” and get the link. Don’t forget to change the accessibility of the folder to “Anyone with the Link” from “Restricted”.

    After that, copy the google drive link and login into your Vinta Yearbook Subscription Account, go to the benefactor/patron section, and paste the google drive link on the input, and submit.

      Once approved, an email will be sent to notify the subscriber that they can now encode the names of their advertisers.

The VINTA Yearbook has also imposed a set of guidelines and policies to be duly observed.


1. The subscribers shall be obliged to pay the replacement fee in the event of lost or damaged solicitation forms amounting to Php 100.00 for each solicitation form. 

2. The subscribers who used the solicitation forms are responsible to submit accurate and reliable information of the advertisers to the VINTA online website. Any information and materials that may contain inaccuracies or errors, the VINTA Yearbook expressly excludes liability for any such inaccuracies or errors. Also, failure to submit the information of the advertisers will not be included in the yearbook edition.

3. The subscribers shall be entitled to a 40% rebate to be reckoned from the amount exceeding the quota bracketed by the VINTA Yearbook while 60% of the excess amount accumulated will be added to the total yearbook payable.