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       In the new VINTA system, requesting forwarding and cancellation slips can make the process easier for our subscribers, making it more convenient for them. There are no more complex functions and long queuing for both the VINTA office and SAO. Subscribers can now create those slips depending on their circumstances. The forwarding and cancellation slip can be designed for distinct purposes. Once the subscriber submits the request slip, it will be subject to validation by the VINTA staff and will endorse the slip to the Student Accounting Office (SAO), which will have the final approval. The same goes for all the yearbook processes; the VINTA also sets guidelines on how students will utilize these slips according to their purpose.


          The forwarding slip is designed for subscribers who want to forward their yearbook payment to the current semester and school year, where they will be acknowledged as official graduates. These subscribers paid the yearbook fee in advance (last school year) without knowing they were not included in the Record and Admission Center (RAC). This event can occur since the RAC releases third batches of the tentative list of graduates to VINTA, which will be our basis for creating the list of students who will be allowed to subscribe. Nonetheless, there are instances that the students are listed in the tentative list of graduates but fail to make it in the final listing due to a lack of documentary requirements. 

             The cancellation slip, on the other hand, is intended for the subscriber who wants to cancel their yearbook subscription fee due to the following reasons:

        With these guidelines, we request its subscribers to assess their situation first and identify what slip will fit the problem you are involved in to avoid confusion from the VINTA office and SAO. In creating a request clip, the subscriber must log in to its Vinta subscription account, and in the payable account section, subscribers can now request both forms. The slips will be denied and rejected if the subscribers fail to specify the reason for their request. Consequently, it is a prerequisite that the subscriber must indicate its basis in the designated section to dodge inconveniences.

If you have questions or clarifications regarding any matter relating to the yearbook cancellation and forwarding, you may email us at or message us on our office Facebook page.

 “Was not able to graduate.” 

`This happens when the subscriber is listed in the tentative list but anticipates that they will not be listed in the final listing due to some documentary requirements such as no grades, incompletes grades, or must take another semester due to grades delinquencies. With this, the student can cancel their yearbook fee to be removed from the total assessment and permitted to register in the succeeding semester.

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