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The Weaving Pattern of the South

by Minard Jr. F. Gonzales

Aptly emphasized on the theme are geometric patterns and vivid hues. Southern artistry and creativity are evident in various art forms but what makes the weaving culture distinct is its power to unite people as strong, resilient communities bound by living tradition and colorful textile patterns and motifs. The beautiful patterns found in any fiber were created consciously by the weaver without using any printed design or pattern relying solely on the mental image. The weaver has to imagine the pattern in their mind as it inserts one colored weft yarn one at a time to fill up space in the warp, in a sequence its mind only knows. These serve as their culture, identity, and way of life for some of the most illustrious indigenous communities on the island of Mindanao. The weaving patterns and designs usually tell the story of the rich culture and heritage of the Mindanao tribes. It also highlights the distinct creativity and DNA of one tribe among other cultures through the fabric. Even though each group has its own distinct style, there are striking similarities as well, and each design is a testament to these groups’ rich colorful heritage. It is an outstanding expression of communal creativity, Mindanao tribes can take great pride in the amazing diversity and beauty of their textile arts, which can match or even surpass other weaving traditions in the world. 

The VINTA wants to embrace the beauty of our Mindanaoan culture and the environment, to envision this Mindanao to be rich in culture, tapestry, and textile, and appreciate its ethnic groups’ intricate and colorful weaving designs.

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