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The Brimming Style of The South

by Mary Jones Verano

The yearbook’s theme is filled with and inspired by the beauty of our Mindanaoan heritage. The most remarkable traits of this beauty can be seen through the style of clothing which embodies our rich culture and tradition. In order to retain the spirit of our original craft despite the advent of new forms and methods of arts, the ethnic groups on our island have also modernized their artworks which are primarily influenced by western culture. The execution of the style has evolved through the years. From the past’s hardcore infusion of elements that deemed the textile and fabric unwearable, the shape has transformed into the opposite, a look that bears a global appeal yet still preserves the authenticity of Mindanao in its design elements. Using the same bold tone and handcrafted fabric, modern patterns and styles are integrated with the original elements by resist dyeing. This year’s theme will embrace the modern style of these festive traditional textile patterns to show the world that Mindanao is in fact an island of beauty and wonders. The Vinta’s aim is to showcase the spirit, colors, and patterns of various tribal artworks in Mindanao in the contemporary world through these memorabilia.

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