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The Layout Artist handles all creative needs of the VINTA yearbook. This includes branding, visual identity conceptualization & application, and yearbook design & layout.

• Executes the visual elements of the yearbook and all other VINTA initiatives (including but not limited to online presence), following the given branding, theme, and visual identity.
• Helps ensure all departments produce a cohesive concept and final product.
• Helps supervise the professional formatting and laying out of the yearbook pages.


Skills that you could gain: 
• Branding/Visual Identity conceptualization & application. 
• Heavy layout organization & information automation. 
• Added proficiency in print media.


• Letter of Intent 
   Inside Address:
       VP Reynaldo C. Castro
       Vinta Moderator
       University of Mindanao
• Resume
• A Photo of the Latest SPR
• Your Portfolio 
• Compose a Mood Board inspired by a brand

 SUBMIT a HARD COPY of the said requirements at the VINTA Office located at UM Gymnasium beside UM Clinic on or before October 13, 2023.

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