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     Years have passed ever since the Vinta Yearbook firstly released a story pertaining to the life of our valiant brethren who have started a new journey towards their chosen paths.


    The Vinta Yearbook is a symbol of a student’s journey towards greatness; the official yearbook staff has always been the shadows that documented the life of each and every graduate that has stepped inside the University walls. Through cooperation and passion, a group of individuals has a single goal of documenting the fulfilling moments of each graduate.


     These individuals compose a tribute for the eagles that are now ready to take flight and soar the world every year. Commemorating the valor of each student, the collection of various portraits radiates the style and pride of each and every student. VINTA is a traditional boat in Mindanao that travelers used to go to distant places. As the official collegiate yearbook of the University of Mindanao, the editorial board and staff must cater the yearly subscription of the yearbook in order to give the seniors the commemoration that they deserve. The theme varies from time to time in order to celebrate the diversity, the University has to offer.


     The VINTA shall ferry these memories into something that each student can bring in their journey, enshrining their achievements and glory until time immemorial.

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