1. Who are eligible for a subscription to VINTA 2022 Better Hue?

 Only graduates of March 2022 and September 2022 are eligible for yearbook subscriptions.

2. Is subscribing to VINTA 2022 mandatory?

Yes, according to the University's Operational Procedures Manual 5.05, the mandatory provision to subscribe to the VINTA yearbook is one of the requirements that students must comply with.

3. How to subscribe to VINTA 2022 Better Hue yearbook?

For more information about the subscription process and how to subscribe, you can visit this website: https://www.vintayearbook.com/better-hue-subscription

4. What to do if I haven't yet received the Subscription Invitation Link?

To those subscribers who have pre-registered in VINTA 2022, kindly check your email from time to time for the subscription invite links. Expect delivery of subscription invite links during given office hours. If you have pre-registered beyond office hours, it is expected you will be mailed the following day. Notify us if you didn't receive an invitation link within 24 hours.

5. Is the venue for the graduation photoshoot COVID-19 safe?

Yes, Midtown Photography Studio follows strict health and safety protocols. Photoshoot etiquette is posted on the pictorial guidelines that must be duly observed. The photography studio has limited the number of clients per day and disinfected all toga used. 

6. Given that I will not show up for my photoshoot appointment, can I schedule another day?

Yes, students can cancel their photoshoot and would like to reschedule. They must notify us three (3) days before the scheduled appointment to cancel your appointment. Students must submit a formal letter addressing the Editor-in-chief with is a valid reason why they want to cancel their scheduled appointment.

7. Where to set an appointment for claiming a solicitation form?

Appointment for claiming a solicitation form can be done during the pre-register stage.

8. How do you submit the solicitation forms to Vinta?

For more information about the step-by-step process of returning the solicitation forms, you can visit this website: https://www.vintayearbook.com/yearbook-solicitation

9. Can I pay the yearbook fee first then get a solicitation form to refund the fee I have paid?

No, students who have already paid the yearbook fee are not allowed to get solicitation forms anymore since the forms are used to aid the students in accumulating the yearbook fee. Hence, it will defeat its purpose.

10. How much is the yearbook?

The VINTA 2022 yearbook fee is Php 3,000.00 for undergraduate and postgraduate students, including the yearbook and the photo package.

11. Where can I pay my VINTA 2022 yearbook fee?

All yearbook payments must be made at the University Cashier or through any payment center, fund transfer, or bank. Please visit the UM official page to know more about the collection agency partners.

12. Any updates on the previous yearbooks?

VINTA Yearbook has launched the yearbook tracker for students to monitor or track the progress of the previous yearbook edition.

13. Where can I claim my yearbook?

The Alumni Office will release all yearbook copies. Please visit their Facebook page to set an appointment before claiming your yearbook.

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