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As the sage forefathers of Mindanao deduced it — it is necessary that we come back to our cornerstone and grassroots. Awe-inducing in its maintained glory, the rich culture, and heritage of Mindanao scintillate as the theme for this year goes beyond the south. The VINTA is back with a remembrance that is truly one for the books, celebrating the beauty of our Mindanaoan heritage.


getting started
vinta online

The VINTA online system is a hub for all yearbook related processes, announcement, and activities. This system will provide the subscriber a  smoother and efficient yearbook transaction.

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colors of the south

Mindanao is a land of prosperity. From ancient times, Mindanao ......

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the weaving patterns of the south

Aptly emphasized on the theme are geometric patterns and vivid hues...

The Style.jpg

the brimming styles of the south

The yearbook’s theme is filled with and inspired by the beauty of our Mindanaoan heritage...


yearbook subscription

A subscription period is an event that takes place every end of the semesters of the academic.....


yearbook pictorial

The yearbook pictorial takes place after the subscriber chooses its time and date.....


yearbook solicitation

In the old system, the yearbook subscription and the releasing of solicitation both take place which makes it more......


yearbook forwarding and cancellation

In the new VINTA system, requesting, forwarding and cancellation slips.....

yearbook services

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yearbook tracker

Track the progress of the VINTA 2018, 2019, and 2020 yearbook edition here.

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The compilation of the VINTA Yearbook through the years.

yearbook archives

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For an organized outlook and a smooth process for the VINTA Yearbook, we provide guidance to be followed.


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Here’s the list of your most frequently asked questions.

frequently asked


subscription checker

Check and verify if you are eligible for Vinta 2021 Yearbook subscription. It means that you are neither listed on the official list of graduates released by the Records and Admissions Office (RAC) or not. Please know your status first before proceeding.

Meet the Staffs

meet the

As the Vinta Yearbook sails to another year of preserving memories and cherishing the triumphs of its graduates, Here are the VINTA Yearbook staff, committed to produce a high-class quality yearbook that commemorates the years you spent at the University of Mindanao and to mark your journey through happiness, tears, and years of laughter, especially of the graduating batch.

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