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Colors of the South

by Marthin Jove Javier

Mindanao is a land of prosperity. From ancient times, Mindanao has always been a land that has many things that it can offer. It was given the moniker “The Land of Promise”, because of its bountiful resources and spectacular views, Mindanao also houses the largest number of ethnic groups in the Philippines. Mindanao with its historic background and wonderful history, it also has some symbolic colors that represent it:


Red (Pula) 

Is always associated with Passion and Power. Red is a color for those who are passionate, to those who willingly choose to sacrifice themselves for a certain cause or person. It is also the color associated with powerful warriors, Red is for those people who want to stand at the apex of the world, who treads their path with an unyielding spirit and leads with a brave heart.


Green (Berde)


Is the color of Nature, Kindness, and also Life. It is a color that signifies peace, tranquility, and Humanity. It is for those who are close to Nature, who enjoy the bountiful blessings, and the beautiful sceneries of the land. It is also for those who enjoy peace and silence, choosing to detach themselves from the conflicts of society and celebrate life.

Beige (Burahag)


This is a symbol of Simplicity and Contentment. For those who believe that simple is best and choose to have what’s enough for them. They are contented with what they have, never blinded by jealousy nor envy. This color is for those who are contented with how things are for them right now. They choose not to be too shiny nor too dull, the epitome of singularity and balance.

Black (Itom)


Presents Sophistication and Mystery. This is a color chose by people who are complex yet elegant. Beautiful and eye catching, these are the properties of those people who favor black. Shrouded in mystery, people in black always tend to be mysterious and sophisticated. There is something about black that makes it unique yet beautiful at the same time.

These colors are what symbolizes the accumulation of history, tradition, and the entirety of the South.

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