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about the theme

As the light shines on the diamond, its colorful beauty takes center stage. Taking cues from the brilliance of the diamond, the VINTA cracks open every bit of hue as it celebrates the vivid journey of the first batch of K to 12 graduates and the diamond jubilee anniversary of the University. Showing no signs of shying away from colors, the VINTA is back with a rich trove of inspiration as this year's theme highlights a Better Hue.

styling hue.png

Styling Hue

The theme of this year's annual publication embraces the holographic image effect inspired by the iridescent light scattered through a diamond.

unique hues pics.png

Unique Hues

In its bizarrerie and allure, the diamond is indicative of the benevolent and open nature with which one transpires into the physical realm.


meet the staff

As the Vinta Yearbook sails to another year of preserving memories and cherishing the triumphs of its graduates, Here are the VINTA Yearbook staff, committed to produce a high-class quality yearbook that commemorates the years you spent at the University of Mindanao and to mark your journey through happiness, tears, and years of laughter, especially of the graduating batch.

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